3. Pixel art I made for a flash game starring local musician NatanYael

  4. Guy de Chauliac - illustration for a play intro animation I did.

  5. Concept art - night and day shots of a cliff scene for a music video I’m working on.

  6. Background for a music video I’m working on.

  7. my version of Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time.

  8. another gif from that video I worked on, wooot.

    Link to the entire music video (directed by Katie Maren Nelson)

  9. gif of a zoetrope I made for a music video.

    Link to the full sequence on my vimeo page.

  10. sectiondisparue6:

    Storyboards for a personal animation project.

    Whoops this is mine, accidentally posted on my non-art blog.